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Are you a small business that is struggling to keep your IT costs under control?

Would you like to:

Reduce Your IT Costs By 60%

Put That Person In Your Office That Handles Computer Issues Back To Work Doing Their Job?

Stop Wasting Your Time

Reduce Your Risks From Security Threats

If so, our EzCare program is exactly what you are looking for.

We specialize in providing small businesses proven, automated computer maintenance, security and support systems that allow them to reap the rewards of a well maintained computer system without spending a fortune.

We Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Computer Systems

Until now there was only a few options for business owners:

  • They could pay a computer company thousands of dollars to perform basic maintenance on their computer.
  • They could hire an in-house IT person to handle this maintenance.
  • They could make computer repair apart of someone in the office’s job and hope they don’t screw it up.
  • They could just leave their computers to run free, hoping that Windows Update and the other software updates themselves so they wont get infected by a virus.

Now there is a better solution from ConnectU called EZCare

This revolutionary system will change the way you manage your computer systems  forever. This innovative approach takes the uncertainity and manual labor out of the equation and replaces it with automated and guaranteed results.

We Will:

  • Reduce Your Exposure To Security Risks
  • Speed up aging computer systems
  • Decrease System Downtime
  • Increase Employee Productivity

We guarantee if you are not happy with the results EzCare provides for your computer systems at any point, we will refund you 100% of your subscription fees for the current month, no questions ask, that is our promise.

There is No Risk! Sign Up Today!

EZCare is the best solution for every business owner that want to make their computers run better, reduce their risks and save money.

On average companies that deploy EZCare reduce their overall IT support expense by up to 60%. This proven solution will reduce computer downtime due to virus and malware infections as well as increase the speed of aging computer equipment. EZCare brings old computers back to life, extending their useful life thus reducing your overall cost of ownership.

What's Included With EzCare

Learn more about what is included with EzCare

Sign up for EZCare Today and get your computer systems back on the road to recovery for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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